We can give your pets the obedience training that they so desperately need.  We will teach your pet how to walk nicely on leash.  We can see to it that the chewing problem is redirected.  No more digging in the back yard.  Most of all we will get your pet house trained.   Your pet can still be the greeter at the front door but lets get your pet to do it in a calmer fashion. 

 Call me at 956-266-7672.


I am a Professional Pet Sitter as well as trainer.  Pet Sitting your pet in his own home is less stressful on both you and your pet because you know your baby is well cared for in a familiar environment.

  Let me care for your beloved pet in the comfort of his home.

I am bonded and insured.

Brownsville Pet Sitter Taking care of your pets! Call me now 956-266-7672


Is you dog already a good citizen? Lets reward him! I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

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Playing games is a great relationship builder

Does Rover pull you around like a rag doll on walks?  Does he help him self to your shoes?  Has he made a toilet out of  your favorite rug?  Has he changed the landscape in your yard?  Is he now the official greeter at your front door? 


I can help you change all that.

 Email me now!

   Or call @ 956-266-7672


My name is Judy Rentrop and I am Brownsville Dog Trainer.  I can help you build your relationship with your dog.  My philosophy on training is building and maintaining a “heart to heart” relationship with your dog.

You have to have a “heart to heart” relationship with your dog because that is what a training is about. I do more than teaching dogs tricks. I help build relationships.

Using motivational training is a terrific way to build  the “heart to heart” relationship you need with your dog because we use the things your dog loves, food, love and affection, and play.

Together we can build a strong relationship between you and your dog. One that is  based on trust and love.

I have earned certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), the first National certification council for dog trainers. 


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